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About Me

Born and raised in Southern California. Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. My journey began when I was a teenager and I fell into an opportunity to DJ youth dances which I turned into a small time side job DJing weddings and parties. Over the years I turned that love into making my own remixes and making remix albums. The next step in my progression came when I started trying to make short videos using my remixed music over stock videos I found online. Pretty soon I was filming the footage myself and I found myself making videos of footage taken from any vacation we went on. Here we are today, after a few decades of experience with music and understanding what music fits most situations thanks to my DJing background I found that people loved the videos I made since they were always accompanied to popular music. Today I have most of the equipment needed to be a traveling videographer. After a few years recently studying cinematography and lighting I am ready to start my own side business which I actually have been refining most of my life. I’ll be happy to make your memories something you can hold onto and see for years to come.